A memorable day

Last time we were in Buenos Aires it was Easter time (last year). This year the cardinals have elected an Argentinian pope.  I do not have a religion but for those who are Roman Catholics and for those who like to make a day,  I include this photo taken outside the new pope's cathedral in BA last year! This was a blow-up figure such as those you see in the front of used car yards in Sydney!
Another remarkable thing - I received a text earlier in the day from a friend in Perth (4+ hours away by air for those who don't know) who runs a tango group, saying she had been asked by the local press for a comment on the election of an Argentinian pope - she was perplexed, not least because she is Jewish!
So there we have it!
And in the meantime Sydney continues to host many tango couples - performances have almost become a little ho-hum and there is so much to choose from that we could almost be in BA. If you want to know more read the TangoAustralia newsletter for March.   And there are quite a few couples who will visit other centres and leave out Sydney. I would love to see more musicians and even bands coming to Australia, though I have to say our tango musicians are improving at a great rate and there are more bands and musicians to choose from.


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