Giving back

Over a decade ago a group of enterprising Queenslanders organised a milonga to raise funds for the children of Argentina. They called their event 'Milonga Para Los Ninos' and over the years various events have been held around Australia - and the world - to raise money for those who help children who would otherwise live on the streets and in serious poverty. The people behind the charity made sure it met all the rules in Australia for charitable organisations and continue to do their best for the people they support.
Their latest venture is a milonga in Adelaide - in fact it seems to have grown into 2 milongas. Igora Designs together with Coriole Wineries are putting on a Gypsy Bread Workshop and Milonga. Now I don't normally plug individual milongas, even my own! but this one promises to be worth buying a ticket to - even it if involves a plane ticket as well. Lucy and Frank from Igora Designs will demonstate how to make their famous Gypsy Bread, then after a sip or two of delicious Coriole wines, there will be a milonga at the winery.
I have just returned from a weekend at Coriole for their Music Festival (which has absolutely nothing to do with tango and everything to do with fine music, fine wine and fabulous food), so I can vouch for the venue. It is superb, as the Sangiovese and Barberi wines I imbibed during the festival! So - if you are anywhere near Adelaide do yourself a favour and enjoy a fabulous night at Coriole... 18th May, starting at 4pm with the workshop.
Contact Lucy or Frank - book your place and know that you are also helping a great cause. And please post a comment when you get back!!


Thanks for promoting this event, Angelina.

Lucy and Frank are kindly running this to support the main Adelaide Milonga para los Ninos that we are hosting on Sunday 30 June (4-8pm) at the Mt Osmond Golf Club.

More details soon on our website

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