Desire to embrace

I don't normally give PR like this, but this trailer touched a cord... I think there are many who would be interested  in the DVD which I just received an email about from Maurice Amaraggi who wrote:
  "We are releasing on DVD our new 52 min documentary "Désir d'Abrazo" subtitled in English.ésir-dAbrazo/169161456571090
"Every year, thousands of women cross the seas to dance the tango in Buenos Aires. Aged from 50 to 70, they undergo the merciless scrutiny of the Argentine dancers there. What are they seeking in this adventure, and what do they find?
"Maurice Amaraggi and Françoise Lerusse followed them for two months and shared their feelings, sometimes of joy, occasionally of disappointment. And, above all, their pleasure in experiencing the long milonga nights, the special warmth of the Argentinians' embraces and the togetherness brought by the dance. Besides," Désir d' abrazo" is also, by default, a portrait of our European and North American societies."


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