Sydney's First Big Flashmob

It was bit like pulling a tooth trying to get Sydney people interested in doing a Flashmob to publicise tango - hard to understand when tango is just made for Flashmobs! However the Morena Dance Wear folk have managed to pull it off! On Sunday a group of Sydney dancers milled about the Concourse at Chatswood - an amazing new space created by the local council as part of their $300million+ development - to raise awareness of the Tango y Nada Mas Show coming at the end of July.
Let's hope this is the first of many of these around Sydney - and that we can pull as a big a crowd as they did in Melbourne! (I was born in Melbourne so...)


Anonymous said…
This is bizarre.. I was staying in Chatswood last weekend attending the Lane Cove Tango Festival... But I knew nothing of this.. Nor to my memory was it announced at the Ashfield milonga the night before....

Hi Anonymous,
No it would not have been announced the night before at the Ashfield milonga - it competed with the workshops that were being held.
Sydney teachers are very protective of their own turf and will not advertise anything they think it going to affect it...
It was announced on Facebook - keep waatching we hope to do more

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