World Tango Championship 2013 in BA drawing to a close

For the last 10 days or so Buenos Aires has been buzzing with the annual World Tango Festival/Championships/World Cup... not really sure what to call it as the name appears to change from year to year. However the celebration is the same! A celebration of tango with world class dancers performing for the judges to win the titles of World Tango Champions in the Salon and Stage categories.
My lovely tango teacher and friend Belen, posted this video on Facebook of one of the couples in the Stage category... it is delightful


Anonymous said…
Having read Tango Chamuyo (Jantango) blog, I wonder, should the term Argentine Tango Dance be limited to the type of dance found in the crowded milongas of BsAs where visual display is frowned on, the emotion being everything, or extended to say a single performer dancing to modern Pugliese.
David Owen
Janis said…
They do this choreography in Chantecler Tango, opening in a few weeks in Paris. Absolutely fabulous. I enjoyed the stage finals more than the tango de pista finals.

To reply to the above comment, tango is both. The problem arises when stage performers try to teach their brand of tango to social dancers who don't know the difference. Dance floors end up like a three-ring circus. Good social tango teachers are hard to find. Teachers would rather give (sell) people what they want and make money, than teach the basics so people can find their own tango.

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