Sydney's Growing Force in Tango Music

Last night I went to the Sydney Conservatorium of Musics ' 5 Years of Tango' concert which showcased the work of the young musicians from the Conservatorium High School and the Sydney Youth Orchestra. 5 Years ago a very talented and dedicated musician and teacher, Maggie Ferguson, launched a program to introduce tango ensembles to the young musicians of Australia, calling it TangoOz. I went to their first concert and was surprised and delighted to see young people playing tango - though they lacked the passion and understanding of the music that I was used to hearing on recordings.
Not so last night! 8 ensembles or orchestras played and the standard was world class. I have been to other concerts at the Con. and I know that the standard is universally high, but last night was Awesome.
Carreon Tango, a family group was outstanding. Melody had written her own tango which they performed and the group, with a virtuosic young violinist, was clearly loving every moment of playing tango. The young violinist would later perform a solo in Piazzolla's 'Libertango' to a standing ovation.
The audience included the consuls of Argentina and Uruguay, many parents and friends and a smattering of tango dancers from the local community. No tango teachers were there, apart from the dancers on the stage, unless they were undercover. Yet Sydney has roughly 20 tango schools of various sizes, some of whom make their living from tango.
As I wrote on Facebook why are they not supporting these young musicians who have already given us hours of pleasure for dancing and listening? Earlier this year 4 of them performed professionally as part of the international production 'Tango y Nada Mas' at the Chatswood Concourse. I don't understand why the teachers and their students were not there en masse to show how much they appreciated the growing opportunity we have of dancing to real, live tango musicians!!
The photo shows the ConTango orchestra - all the students who are studying and playing tango - minus the 2 pianists! Not a deliberate cut, just a bad photo. 


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