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17 visiting teachers/performers in next few months!

I have counted 17 visiting tango teachers/performers coming to our shores over the next 3 1/2 months!! Wow... In January there's Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa with Rodrigo Palacios and Agustina Berenstein - Sydney and Sven Elze and Aja Fenn in Canberra... In February there's Ricardo Barrios and Laura Melo visiting Sydney; Cecilia Gonzalez and Ney Melo with Michelle Marsidi y Joachim Dietikers visiting Melbourne,  and these dancers are variously going to Darwin, Hobart  and Adelaide afterwards... I n March there's  Roberto Montenegro and Lam Yuriko visit Sydney; Michelle and Joachim and Cecilia touring and Carolina Bonaventura and Francisco Forquera in Sydney... And inApril - Demian Garcia and Fatima Vitale in Adelaide and Hosanna Heinrich touring with  Anibal Montenegro … Check out the details in the TangoAustralia newsletter

The haphazard DJ

Recently I have attended milongas where there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to the music that is being played.  It is almost as if the DJ stuck a pin in the playlist and decided what would come next. I like to organise my playlist before the milonga and I also like to balance the music and give those who love to dance to milonga and vals more than one chance to enjoy. Everyone does not do this, and some it seems don't have any idea of what they are going to play and 'wing it'. Maybe they think that the DJ who 'reads' the floor does a better job and caters to the dancers more, but unless they really are 'reading' the floor and not socialising and dancing as well as DJing it seems it is a real hit and miss affair. DJs who concentrate on their djing - and there are those in Sydney who do and who put the music together as the night goes on - really do try to match the mood of night with their dancers, though sometimes this can mean they don't play