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The changing world of the milongas

Here in Sydney milongas come and go - usually from venues rather than actually closing down. Days and dates are guarded jealously by those who organise the milongas and if someone is ready to move on they will usually offer their date or venue to another. If they have lost their venue for one reason or another they will frantically search to find a new one, rarely do events close in Sydney for other reasons. Sadly the same is not the same in Buenos Aires. In 2011 Maipu 444 closed down - this was the venue for a number of famous milongas (El Maipú, La Marshall, Chirulo, Sentimental y Coqueta and Lujos) - some (did they all ?) found new homes, but the venue is gone. Recently Buenos Aires has seen the closing of two famous milonga Villa Malcolm on March 22 (apparently the venue was sadly run down) and Niño Bien on April 4. We also believe that the Tangocool milonga has closed. It is tough in the tango world. I am sure there are those who look at teachers and milonga organisers and think