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An impromptu bandoneon performance that literally left us with goosebumps!

Last night's casual get together to introduce the cast of 'Tango y Nada Mas' to the Sydney community was treated to a beautiful impromptu performance of tango music, song and dance that left us all reeling. Young Nicholas Macaratesi is a beautiful virtuosic bandoneonist, whose mastery of his instrument gave us a playful medley of tango favourites, accompany the two singers, Claudio Garces and Nayla Danchuck, then  burst into a milonga for the six world class dancers. It took our collective  breath away. Nicholas is very young yet his mastery of his instrument has already had him playing with some of the very best singers in Buenos Aires and recording with the Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce. The beautiful tenor voice of Claudio Garces has been a feature of Miguel Zotto's 'Tango x 2' as well as being a regular performer on Argentinian TV. And the soaring voice of the very young Nayla Danchuck is surely going to take her places. She sang with a pas