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Winners crowned for 2013

I am philosophically opposed to competitions in tango - having been involved in them in Australia almost 10 years ago and seen the underbelly I have many misgivings. But they are an amazing vehicle for launching or reinforcing the careers of the dancers who win... and many like to watch them, so here is a selection from the recent intense couple of weeks and before. For another point of view  go to Irene and Man Yung's Tango Blog The World Tango Cup in Buenos Aires in August. Winners of the Salon Tango - Maximiliano Cristiani and Jesica Arfenoni Campeones Winners of the Stage Tango - Guido Palacios and Florencia Zarate Castilla Fernando Carrasco and Jimena Hoffner Winners of the Milonga - and also the vals and Adult salon tango in the City Dance Championships Hugo ‪M‬astrolorenzo y Fatima Valeria Vitale who did not make it past the semi-final because of a problem with the rules… but who are stunning.