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Sydney's Growing Force in Tango Music

Last night I went to the Sydney Conservatorium of Musics ' 5 Years of Tango' concert which showcased the work of the young musicians from the Conservatorium High School and the Sydney Youth Orchestra. 5 Years ago a very talented and dedicated musician and teacher, Maggie Ferguson, launched a program to introduce tango ensembles to the young musicians of Australia, calling it TangoOz. I went to their first concert and was surprised and delighted to see young people playing tango - though they lacked the passion and understanding of the music that I was used to hearing on recordings. Not so last night! 8 ensembles or orchestras played and the standard was world class. I have been to other concerts at the Con. and I know that the standard is universally high, but last night was Awesome. Carreon Tango, a family group was outstanding. Melody had written her own tango which they performed and the group, with a virtuosic young violinist, was clearly loving every moment of playing