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Nodding one's head and looking for a partner ... or the cabeceo

Generally Australians don't use eye contact This video is a very clever way to show how the cabeceo operates from a woman's point of view... The cabeceo is the way to ask for a dance in the milongas of Buenos Aires, not so elsewhere. Australians, like North Americans, are slow to use the cabeceo in a milonga - and many - both men and women - say they prefer to ask. When women ask though they spoil the dynamics of the night. However it is understandable why so many do. In Australian milongas there is a drastic shortage of men who dance tango - and the good and popular dancers have their favourites. Which means that women can miss out. This woman is young and pretty and in a local milonga would probably not have to wait long before someone asked her to dance, either verbally or by cabeceo - even if she can't dance very well. However that said, I have seen this actual scenario at milongas in Sydney - and have been cut out of a dance that I thought I was being invited to, i