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10 of the Most Popular Posts for 2013

As one who has been in print media all her professional life I am always interested to know what appeals to my readers and I am delighted when you comment and let me know your point of view. Here are 10  of the most popular posts from the Blog… just in case you missed them. In December I made the decision to wind down the website TangoAustralia and to concentrate on Angelina's Tango blog… so I added a page on finding Tango Lessons . Obviously you love it as it is the top of all the entries on the blog. The cabeceo - I have written about this topic before and once I was quite scathing about it's use in Australia, but I have softened my opinion, and the video that appeared on FB and led to this post was illuminating. Christmas Milongas and Christmas Prices - This is a post I wrote in 2010, but it is still very relevant. This Christmas Sydney tango dancers were once again asked to pay extra just because it's Christmas. As one who has organised milongas and events for ma

Singer Nelly Omar dies at 102

As with most of the famous tango singers, Nelly Omar had a nickname - hers was 'Gardel in skirts'. Born in 1911, Nelly was smitten by Carlos Gardel in 1918 and started performing in 1924. One of ten children from a very poor family, she met Gardel when he was part of a performance organised by her father. Her father died when she was young, and she went out to work to help support the family, but her love affair with tango music had begun and her career took off when she was 'discovered' by musician-composer Ignacio Corsini. She made her name, as did many of the tango musicians, performing on radio and it was the shows on Radio Belgrano with tango greats, Libertad Lamarque and Augustin Magaldi that cemented her success. Nelly, whose birth name was Nilda Elvira Vattuone, was not as successful in her romantic life as she was in her career. Her marriage to Omar Molina last barely 2 months, but in 1937 when she met Homero Manzi, the romance led to Manzi composing songs f