10 of the Most Popular Posts for 2013

As one who has been in print media all her professional life I am always interested to know what appeals to my readers and I am delighted when you comment and let me know your point of view. Here are 10  of the most popular posts from the Blog… just in case you missed them.

In December I made the decision to wind down the website TangoAustralia and to concentrate on Angelina's Tango blog… so I added a page on finding Tango Lessons. Obviously you love it as it is the top of all the entries on the blog.

The cabeceo - I have written about this topic before and once I was quite scathing about it's use in Australia, but I have softened my opinion, and the video that appeared on FB and led to this post was illuminating.

Christmas Milongas and Christmas Prices - This is a post I wrote in 2010, but it is still very relevant. This Christmas Sydney tango dancers were once again asked to pay extra just because it's Christmas. As one who has organised milongas and events for many years I know that it is not usual for venues to raise their prices at this time of year, unless it is New Year's Eve or Christmas Day. It would be a really nice thank you if some of the organisers dropped their prices for Christmas.

Sydney's First Big Flashmob.
Written in July when a flashmob was organised to publicise the show 'Tango y Nada Mas' which was begging presented in Sydney, I am surprised that no Sydney organisers followed up with more flash mobs to promote tango to the general public. It is such a fun thing to be part of, and so easy to organise for a school with dedicated followers.

Tango on Youtube - was a bit of moan in 2009 about the removal of videos from Youtube of many of the famous tango orchestras performing live. These fabulous old film clips were a wonderful way to get to know the orchestras, however most of them are no longer easily accessible

Seems tango dancers are still having trouble taking time out to wash their hands… or those who dance tango are concerned that this is the case. I wrote this post way back in 2011 when there was a Global Handwashing Day.  The message still needs to get out… and for tango dancers it is very important.

Young musicians who play tango have a fabulous opportunity with the TangoOz orchestras which have been established by the Sydney Youth Orchestra and the talented Maggie Ferguson. This year in November they celebrated their 5th year with a wonderful concert, which highlighted just how far the knowledge and love of tango music has come in this short time among musicians.

Like many tangueras I sometimes waiver in my dedication to tango when I find myself sitting on the sidelines or copping flack from those who like to criticise but have never organised anything more than a cork out of the top of a bottle… in November I had a little rumination - and obviously it struck a chord with some.

Tango has been danced in Australia for more than 100 years and in Melbourne the tango schools and organisers got together and organised an elegant Centenary ball in the historic Fitzroy Town Hall. I took the opportunity to visit marvellous Melbourne and to enjoy a wonderful evening to tango and the music of one of Australia's leading tango bands, Tangalo.
The only other city in Australia to celebrate this 'centenary' was Perth, though I did try to get something off the ground in Sydney.

One of my absolute favourites among the tango orchestras is Lucio Demare and in June I wrote about how much I loved Demare, and published a fabulous Youtube clip of his recording of 'Malena' - one of the most romantic and melodic of tango songs.

Love to have your comments - of course. And if at any time you would like to ask me a question you can contact me... angelina@tangoaustralia.com.au.


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