Injuries and tango

As one gets older one's body creaks more, but when it does more than creak and actually stops you in your tracks, you have to take notice. This has not only happened to me in the past few weeks, but also my partner, who has a different injury - we feel like a pair of old squeaky shoes! So we are both doing the sensible thing (and following my physiotherapist's advice) and resting. And one of us is doing exercises to try to get back on track sooner.
Dancers commonly have injuries. I remember when my oldest child was a studying classical ballet full time and one of the tango teachers asked him about injury. My son replied: "we all have injuries we just have to learn to cope with them and keep on dancing". Easier to do when you are young, but you can still aggravate the injury to the point where it becomes a major problem.
Ballet dancers feet commonly suffer, women more so than men. I think the same can be said for tangueras and I have had my share of foot problems, but this is a hip problem, which I discover is also a common injury for dancers!
So I am resigned to taking the advice of my physiotherapist, sitting on the sidelines and following his guidelines for strengthening exercises...I (we) are hoping our absence is short!


Tangogeoff said…
Physiotherapists and GPs have given me similar advice over my years of action sports. Luckily I found a series of osteopaths who corrected the misalignments and solved the problems, usually in one visit

I could barely walk after my tango trip to Europe a year ago, what with all the wrenching by the ladies there. That was an extreme situation and it took two visits to sort it out.

Have you tried osteos before?
Unknown said…
I do not think that Tango injuries are very common specially if you either dance or excercise every day. The gruop of muscles you use for tango dancing get stronger. I refer to tango salon dancing.

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