Why do DJs play 'bad' milongas

One of the traditions that most tango DJs follow is to play just four or five milonga tandas (group of songs) a night - depending of course on the length of the night and the length of the tandas! Milonga has a fantastic energy... and can be a really enjoyable break.
So for those of us who love milonga it is really disappointing when the milonga tanda is second-rate or unexciting, or when a fabulous piece is spoiled by being sandwiched or followed by numbers that are not really milonga, such as tango-milonga or what my partner calls 'the chicken dance' (I leave that to your imagination).
As a one-time, and now frustrated DJ, here is a short list of what I think are really good tandas... you may disagree. There are many more permutations... Wherever possible I liked to keep to the one orchestra, though I know many DJs don't do this...
1) Azabache, Milonga Que Penas Canias, Todos Te Quieren - D'Agostino
2) La cicatriz, Milonga Del Recuerdo (both 1939) and La Espuela (1944) - D'Arienzo
3) Milonga Brava, No Hay Tierra Como La Mia, Milonga Del Corazon - Canaro, 1938-1940
4) El Temblor, Estampa de Varon, Me Gustar Bailar, D'Arienzo, early 1940s
5) Maldonado,  La Mulatadea, Julian Centaya, - Di Sarli, 1941-1943
6) Reliquias Portenas, La Mlgona de Buenos Aires, Melonga del Corazon - Canaro, 1938-1940
7) La Milonga que Fatalba, Campo Afuera, Ella es asi, Donato, 1938-1940s
8) El Lengue, Ella es asi, De Punta a Punta, - Donato, 1940s
9) Que Tempo Aquel, Azabache, Parque Patricios - Lomuto, 1938-1942
10) De pura cepa, Con permisio, Ficha de Ora, - Troilo , 1940s
11)Yo Soy de San Telmo, La Mulateada, Pena Mulata - Di Sarli, 1940s


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