Aussie Tango DJ hits the heights

The tango DJ is the heart of the milonga today, so very different to the days when it was the band or orchestra that was the focus.When the music is strong and sends the dancers onto the floor tanda after tanda then you know the DJ is doing a great job.
 One of the best tango DJs in Australia is Anthony Miller from  Sydney's Tango Spirit. Anthony has only been a DJ for 5 or 6 years but he has thrown himself into the role with a passion, learning from the top DJs in Buenos Aires, acquiring top of the range equipment, and always playing a well-structured playlist. Anthony has been invited to play at Tango Festivals in Korea, and he has DJ'd for the Sydney Tango Salon Festival over the years, but his latest gig is the highest accolade. On Thursday Feb 26 he was the guest DJ at the opening of the Royal Pigall milonga in Buenos Aires with performances by Javier Rodriguez and Noelia Barsi! A high accolade indeed for a tango DJ from Australia.
And what a great way to let the Argentinians know that tango is taken seriously in Oz!!
Congratulations Anthony - and Tango Spirit. I look forward to dancing to your music again soon!


Anonymous said…
With respect, have never heard Anthony play in Melbourne. Will he be playing at the premier tango event in Australia these days, Tango in the Spring in Canberra?
A Melbourne organiser needs to invite him I guess... maybe you can ask one of your favourite organisers if they would invite him for a special event. I don't think he will be at Tango in the Spring he is more likely to be at the Sydney Tango Salon Festival which is on at the same time.

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