Too much of a good thing?

Last night we enjoyed a superb performance by visiting teachers Agustina Berenstein and Rodrigo Palacios, a truly beautiful couple whose enjoyment of the dance always comes across in their performances. I have watched them each time they have visited our shores and their dancing just gets better and better.
I don't have a video from last night, but here is one taken at the Frostbite Festival in Helsinki in February this year with Solo Tango (the band that is coming to Australia in October for the Sydney Tango Salon Festival). Double pleasure!

Next weekend I could go to Melbourne and enjoy workshops and performances with the inimitable Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa. They have a huge following in Australia having visited just about every year for the last 5 or 6 years and they are wonderful to watch and just delightful people. Then, a couple of weeks later, back in Sydney, there will be workshops with Roxanna Suarez and Sebastian Achaval, hot from the New Zealand Tango Festival. This couple too will of course perform and we will enjoy their superb performance as much this year as we did last year when they came as part of the cast of 'Tango y Nada Mas'. Barely will we catch our breath than Alejandro Aquino and Natalia Hills will arrive for more workshops and performances. This couple has not visited Sydney before as a couple - which may, or may not be in their favour with those who can afford yet more workshops and milongas. In Buenos Aires there are performances every night at many of the hundreds of milongas around the city and there are so many workshops and classes that a dancer could stay there for years and never do them all - nor would they want to. But in BA they are not as expensive as they are here and those who go there to tango do so with their tourist dollar at the ready. Is this too many dancer/ teachers for our little community? Bearing in mind that there will be more later in the year, plus a Festival or 2, do you think we really benefit from all these visitors? I am simply curious about what others think. I love to watch them dance... and to do the occasional workshop when my schedule permits... but I wonder just how long we can support this number of visiting tango teachers?


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