The right tango shoes

Wearing comfortable shoes that don't cause foot problems is important all the time, it really goes without saying, though some of us will squash our poor feet into unsuitable shoes because we like (or love) them! Which usually causes problems in the end or the shoes end up in the charity shop.
Tango shoes are a thing of beauty! We fall in love with them, just as we fall in love with the music and the dance, and from time to time we may buy a pair that are totally unsuitable for our feet... does this sound like I am talking about myself?
Over the years of publishing Angelina's tango blog and the TangoAustralia website (which have now morphed into one) the subject of tango shoes has been the most popular, and I believe this is because so many of us have similar problems.
So I was delighted to see a post on the forum this week about choosing Tango Shoes... and to read about the workshop at Wintersun Tango... if shoes are an issue for you, read on! 


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