How lucky we are

In recent years Australia has had many of the world's top tango dancers and teachers visiting, delighting us with their performances, enriching us with their teaching and bringing us a taste of the magic that is Argentine tango.
But we have had few musicians, especially musicians we can dance to. Many promoters are unable to include performances at milongas  in the musicians' programs;  we are able to enjoy their music at performances as we did earlier this year with the production from Sadler's Wells, 'La Milonga'  but we are not able to dance to them.
This year is special.
This year we will have the opportunity to dance for 3 nights to one of the world's top tango orchestras. Solo Tango Orquesta, an internationally recognised top tango quartet. Solo Tango will perform at the Sydney Tango Salon Festival milongas! SoloTango has appeared at the Berlin Tango Festival, the Istanbul Tango Festival and the Dresden Tango Festival, to name a few.

They have wowed the milongueros at the most famous milongas in Buenos Aires, including La Viruta, where they played six encores, at Salon Canning and La Baldosa. Many of the top dancers have performed with them, Miguel Zotto, Sebastian Achaval Archaval and Rosana Suarez, Javier Rodriguez and Noelia Barsi, Fabian Peralta and Lorena Ermocida and Carolina Bonaventura and Francisco Forquera to name a few.
How lucky we are!
I for one won't miss a moment! It is most unlikely that we will get this opportunity again as Solo Tango are now so much in demand they unlikely to come back this way.
It is a coup for the Sydney Tango Salon Festival - and for Australian dance…


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