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Growing the tango dancers in our town

I am sure this is the same in other places, but in Sydney we need more tango dancers. The attrition rate is high. Many people give up when they find that after half a dozen lessons they are not competent on the dance floor; they give up because they go to a milonga and no-one asks them to dance; women give up because there are just not enough men; and life situations change. So we need a steady stream of new dancers coming through. This does not seem to be happening in Sydney - not in the way it was about 10 years ago. It could have something to do with tango not having the magical connotations it had a decade ago, but it is still a dance that many find attractive. In Sydney we also have the problem that there are more schools and classes springing up all the time. Overseas dancers and teachers are coming to our shores every few weeks to teach and perform. Mostly these dancers focus on intermediate and advanced dancers, they are not interested in beginners, so they are tapping into a