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Angelina's Tango Forum

Angelina's Tango Forum I've added a forum to this website!! It seemed like the best way to find out what you are thinking about some of the issues in tango that get people talking. Such as... Performances at Milongas - do they bug you or are you happy to sit and watch any performance? At time of writing two of my favourite bloggers have posted on this issue. Check out Irene and Man Yung' Green vegetables and radishes and Tango Therapist Just Let Me Dance! Tango Shoes... which ones do you find suit you the best? Do you have any recommendations for others? Tango Music and Tango DJs - are you happy to dance to anything with a beat or do you really appreciate the tango DJ who has studied tango music and learnt what works for dancers and why Anything else you think others may help you with or find interesting???