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Tango or should it be called Lango, Rango or even Mango

Recently I have had a discussion that I have had before with fellow tangueros/as about what is tango?  I do not pretend to understand the people who think that tango needs their 'improvements'. By this I mean dancing tango steps to non-tango music, adding non-tango steps to tango, or standing on their heads and calling it tango. In the last 12 months we had Liquid 'Tango' which was tango danced to just about any music... now we have Rueda 'Tango' - tango danced as one does rueda in a circle dancing in unison as dictated by a caller! Don't get me wrong I am fascinated by Rueda and I love to watch it,  however I don't think tango lends itself to this style of dancing. I believe rueda is usually danced to salsa music? I love to watch people dance - everything from ballet to ballroom. But I feel that tango has a rich tradition, and a vast library of music that together with the dance we know as Argentine tango has evolved. There are rules and manners th