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Snobby Sydney... really?

Another Festival and another report that Sydney tango dancers are not hospitable. It is so sad, but it keeps coming round. For some reason Sydney tango dancers in general don't introduce themselves to dancers from out of town, rarely ask strangers to dance, and appear to these visitors to be only interested in impressing the dancers they already know and dance with.  In contrast on the same weekend as the Sydney Tango Salon Festival, the combined tango community groups of Tango Synergy and the Tango Social Club of Canberra held Tango in the Spring in the capital. Basically an Encuentro Milonguero, this event is all about socialising and dancing and the reports coming in are that the host city was warm and sharing.  A different type of event, but that is no excuse. The Sydney dancers who attended the events over the Tango Festival would do well to welcome out of towners, to dance with them and to socialise with them. There are many good dancers among them, though that is hardly t

The Festival that was... just last week

I missed last year's festival, so I made sure I didn't miss one performance or milonga this year! And I feel as though I was indeed treated. This year's maestros included Virginia Gomez and Christian Marquez, known as "Los Totis'. Christian is a Melbourne boy, though you would hardly know it to speak to him, he is an essential Argentinian. His dancing is amazingly skilful and playful as is his partner's and this was the couple who conducted the Immersion course before the Festival began in earnest. Here is one of the videos from the first night, which was the Welcome Milonga, colour themed 'Blue'. You will find the other performances on this Youtube channel.