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Milonga attendances down - where to now Sydney?

A fellow blogger wrote recently that the number of events across Europe has increased the competition, and it's noticeable how quiet weekend milongas ...can be. She/he could be writing about Australia, or Sydney in particular, they are actually writing about Tango Encuentros in Europe taking dancers away from local events. in London (I plan to write about encuentros and the Sydney tango community in a later post). The main 'threat' to the long-established milongas in Sydney is different it comes rom within. Our weekend milongas have always been organised by the large tango schools and originally there was an 'understanding' that a certain Saturday belonged to a certain school. However we soon ran out of Saturdays, obviously enough, and so weekday nights and Sunday afternoons became the time slots together with a choice of events on most Saturdays. Now these have all been 'taken' and we are finding that on many week nights there are more milongas than the