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Encuentros... is this the way to go?

It might be time for Sydney's tango dancers to consider encuentros? Partly because the 2 encuentros that are already running are hugely successful. The biennial Tango in the Spring in Canberra and the annual Buenos Aires in the Southern Highlands are well established. In February ( 6 to 8) 2015 there will be a new encuentro in the beautiful beach town of  Port Macquarie  (pictured) which is four and a half hour's drive north of Sydney. Plus there are certain parameters and expectations that can be applied to an encuentro in order to  can make the tango experience better for everyone. 1) Booking in order to attend. This means that the organisers can  balance the men and women  (I don't like the word gender) 2) An opportunity to meet dancers from areas outside your home turf and to make new friends. 3) Good music.  The DJs should be recognised by others in the tango community as good. Live music is a bonus and with more Australian musicians turning to tango for dancing