Bargain fares Plus the trip of a lifetime to Buenos Aires

What better way to see Buenos Aires than with locals as your escorts. What better way to maximise your time there, doing workshops with well-known and highly respected teachers and visiting some of the most famous milongas than with locals showing you the way (our photo is of Club Gricel, from my last trip to BA).
Karina and Fabian Conca know Buenos Aires and the tango scene like locals. They run the TangoConca school in Sydney and each year they visit their home town, taking dancers on a tour that offers them a real taste of tango as the locals know it.
This year's tour begins on 26th August. The following 11 days/12 nights are packed with tango... and getting to know Buenos Aires. You can find out more about the highlights on the TangoConca website.
An added bonus is the Airfare... until 23rd February, you can fly to BA with Qantas for just $1395 in time to begin the tour. This is a bargain fare... as those who travel to BA often will tell you.
Find out more from Martin at Travel Choice, the tour travel agent!
So if BA and tango is on your bucket list, 2015 could be the time to go. 


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