Making the most of your first tango trip to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a very big city. Population is around 3.04 million in the heart of city, but with 13.9 in the greater metropolitan area it is one of the biggest cities in the world.  It is a beautiful, edgy city, with many superb historic buildings and districts, beautiful parks and plenty to see and do - and that's without dancing tango.
There are hundreds of tango dance schools, teachers and countless milongas. There are also many shoe and music stores to choose from. So how does the visiting gringo maximise their holiday? How do you make sure you find a good tango teacher, how do you know which milongas to go to on which night? how do you get the best value for your money when you do find the things you are looking for? If you know a local who dances tango you have a good chance of avoiding some of the mistakes. But chances are that you don't want to make any mistakes on your trip, you want to have the trip of a lifetime.
I have visited Buenos Aires a number of times, and the first two times I went I was with a tour. I didn't have time to find places myself. I wanted to go the milongas I had heard were the best and I wanted to buy tango shoes. 
If you only have a short time to visit Buenos Aires as I did I can't recommend taking a tango tour with Spanish speakers, ideally locals, highly enough. You will make the most of every moment - even if you speak Spanish.  The other wonderful advantage of taking a well-organised tango tour is that you will be met at the airport - a long way out of town - you will find that you are not putting your hand in your pocket every five minutes for extras. And you won't waste a moment.
Choosing a tango tour that gives you the best value for money is also important - which is why the link in this post goes to one of the well-established tours leaving from Sydney... so if BA is on your bucket list for 2015, check it out. I can guarantee you will have an Amazing Time!! 


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