Osvaldo Cartery - a great milonguero

It is with great sadness that we announce that  Osvaldo Cartery, husband of Coca, died October 9 2015.  He was 77. 
Winners of the Salon World Tango Championship in 2004, Osvaldo and his wife Luisa Ines Cartery were much more than tango champions, for many they embodied the tango of the golden times.  In the early days of my tango journey I went to Buenos Aires twice, to the World Tango Festival, and was very lucky to watch Osvaldo and Coca dance and to learn from them . 

Osvaldo and Coca dancing earlier this year at a Festival in Armenia.

and to a very clean recording of Francisco Canaro's 'Tormenta' with singer Ernesto Fama.

This interview, in two parts, with both of them took place in 2010. There is much to learn and enjoy from these two interviews, so I recommend taking the time to watch them.

If you do a Youtube search you will find many tributes in Buenos Aires over the last few days to this much-loved milonguero. He will be sorely missed.


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