La Ronda - or's my spot

Last night I danced at one of my all time favourite milongas - Tango Entre Amigos at Marrickville - on the occasion of their 14th birthday. I have been dancing there since they began. Maybe I didn't quite make it to their first milonga (I don't have any records) but I have certainly been going since their early days!
They are blessed with one of the biggest and best floors in town. Other floors have come and gone (under the auctioneer's or demolisher's hammer, or into the developer's pockets) but Marrickville has stayed.
Over the years the floor has become more crowded, but not to the point where one could compare it with Buenos Aires. And just as well because Sydney/Australian dancers cannot dance in a small space as can the portenos. In fact some of them cannot dance in a big space! Hence this illustration, which I just found on FB.
Last night was no exception. During one tanda my partner and I danced behind Mr "you are here". He must have seen this diagram before the milonga because that was his answer... in almost the same words "not going anywhere"... when my partner asked him to keep the line of dance moving. Floorcraft is called that because it is a craft... you need to be good at the craft so that everyone enjoys the dance not just Mr "you are here" and his partner. Sadly I do not think Sydney teachers and workshop leaders make enough of la ronda. But then maybe it would do no good. Many Sydney dancers dance like they drive... without a thought for anyone else on the floor!


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