Alberto Podestà 1924-2015

Alberto Podestà was born Alejandro Washington Ale in Buenos Aires in September 1924 - he died on December 24, 2015 leaving behind a legacy of tango songs that will not be forgotten. He sang at venues around Buenos Aires right into his last decade  -with his death goes one of the last connections with  greatest tango orchestras from the Golden Age.  This interview was recorded with  Podestà at the Chicago Tango Festival in 2009.

Podestà began his career as a tango singer as a very young man, with Miguel Calò and recorded his first tracks under the name of Juan Carlos Morel because there were other singers with the same surname and Calo did not want confusion!
One night when he was singing at the Singapur cabaret, Podestà was approached one night by Di Sarli's agent - he was not yet 18!  It was Di Sarli who decided that he would be called Alberto Podestà - according to one account.
You can read  a tribute to Podestà on Keith Elshaw's website Tango Restorations.

I spent some time trying to find a video of Podestà singing with either Calò's orchestra or Di Sarli's but I was unsuccessful... in the end I chose this one because I love the song!


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