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Inside the bandoneon

Last night at a milonga I was chatting to a longtime friend and milonguero who owns a bandoneon. I have never had the opportunity to even hold a bandoneon, though I would love to sit with someone who can play and watch as they showed me how to get the different notes. I can read music and I learnt the piano for many years. I am told it is amazingly complicated to play, with different notes on each of the two keyboards depending whether the bellows are out or in! This instrument has always held me in awe. I am fascinated by the sound it makes when it is played by a master and listening to a tango orchestra with bandoneon is almost more exciting for me than dancing! Which is probably one of the things that keeps me involved in tango. For some reason we started talking about the inside of the bandoneon... have you ever wondered what this amazing instrument looks like inside? So I checked it out on the internet and this is what I found... much more complicated than the inside of a p

Making the most of your first tango trip to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a very big city. Population is around 3.04 million in the heart of city, but with 13.9 in the greater metropolitan area it is one of the biggest cities in the world.  It is a beautiful, edgy city, with many superb historic buildings and districts, beautiful parks and plenty to see and do - and that's without dancing tango. There are hundreds of tango dance schools, teachers and countless milongas. There are also many shoe and music stores to choose from. So how does the visiting gringo maximise their holiday? How do you make sure you find a good tango teacher, how do you know which milongas to go to on which night? how do you get the best value for your money when you do find the things you are looking for? If you know a local who dances tango you have a good chance of avoiding some of the mistakes. But chances are that you don't want to make any mistakes on your trip, you want to have the trip of a lifetime. I have visited Buenos Aires a number of times,