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Winners World Tango Championships Buenos Aires 2015

From Euronews comes a report on this year's event. Watch this excellent report first: Here are this year's pick of the tango crop! In the Salon section the winners are: Jonathan Saavedra and Clarisa Aragon  and the Stage section: Ezequiel Jesús Lopez and Camila Alegre

Tango World Championships Finals

These are the finals of one category of dancers in the World Tango Championships 2015 in Buenos Aires, that I always enjoy watching. They are very serious about their dancing, there are no fancy steps or quick moves, it is all elegance and careful movement...

Learn from the masters at home

Many tango dancers have headed off to Buenos Aires already for the Tango 'Championships' or will be leaving in the next few weeks - September is a popular time for Aussies to head over to South America. However many more are staying put and there's plenty happening on our shores to keep us on our tango toes. Already touring and soon to arrive in Sydney are Pablo Inza and Sofia Saborido. From Sydney they will travel to Perth. Sydney will welcome Daniel Naccuchio and Cristina Sosa from 11 to 21st September. This pair of world champions have been regular visitors to our shores for a number of years and have made many friends. They are being hosted by Morena Dancewear . . We'll be posting the September TangoAustralia newsletter in about week with more news of what is happening here!