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Exciting new tango orchestra in Oz

Brisbane musicians, Stephen Cuttriss (bandoneon), Rebecca Karlen (violin), John Reeves (piano) and Chloe Ann Williamson (double bass) have formed the Mendoza Tango Quartet and last night I was in the audience at the Camelot Lounge to hear them play as the supporting act for Tangalo - their first performance in Sydney. I did not take the precaution of checking them out on Youtube beforehand because I trusted that any band that Tangalo worked with would have to be good and I was not disappointed. In fact I was delighted! Unlike so many new tango bands, they are already working with the phraseology and nuances of tango music. They came together because of a love of Piazzolla, and they played 3 pieces by the great tango composer, beautifully, including the very popular 'Milonga del Angel'. Then they played music to dance to, D'Arienzo and Pugliese (if I remember correctly, I forgot to write it down) and it was truly danceable. Their encore was their own arrangement of '9 d