A piece of tango history

On Saturday November 19 my partner and I will head out to a milonga we have been going to for 15 years - ever since we began our tango journey. It is the only milonga in Sydney to have continued in the same venue it has always had - one of the best dance floors in town. Organised by the son of the founder, together with his wife and a friend it is known as Tango Entre Amigos Marrickville milonga!
We don't attend as many milongas as we used to, some of our friends are no longer with us, and some have given up tango for other things. Our life is busier than it has been for many years, but we do
make time to go to this night of dancing.
This Saturday, together with the music of DJ Fabian Conca, we will have the pleasure of dancing to the music of the Orquesta 'La Luna', a new tango orchestra established by some of Sydney's most experienced and talented tango musicians.
A wonderful way to celebrate 15 years of tango! Tango Entre Amigos Saturday milonga,
Marrickville Hard Court Tennis Club
1 Centennial Ave,
8pm to 1am
Bookings: Karina Conca,  0414 431 722. 


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