We've come a long way baby

In 1999 I went to Womadelaide with a friend, sat in the moonlight and listened to a tango band from Buenos Aires. I had never heard tango music like this and I was hooked!!
It led to dance classes in Sydney with one of the two teachers then in the market, the once a month a milonga and a passion for tango dancing and music that has become an integral part of my life!
Today I listened to a pod-cast of an interview and performance with the Australian Tango Festival Orchestra on Fine Music, 2MBS-FM and I was blown away. I am a huge fan of Emily-Rose Sarkova and Owen Salome young musicians who are the driving forces behind Tangalo, a Sydney tango orchestra.
Now Emily-Rose has organised this Festival with her partner Refik which will be like no other Festival we have had in Australia. We have had numerous Australian tango festivals over the years, some with tango bands, but the very special thing about this one is that the musicians are home-grown, they are world-class and the orchestra they have formed is incredibly good.
 This is a new generation taking up tango with a passion! and it is sooo exciting.


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