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Miguel Calo and Alberto Podesta and a new tune to me

I just love it when I hear a new piece of tango/vals/milonga and I fall in love with it. This happened on the weekend when I heard and danced to the Australian Tango Festival Orchestra's faithful transposition of Miguel Calo's 'Suena'. Owen Salome of Tangalo and The Australian Tango Festival Orchestra must be given the credit for this. I have always been a Calo fan and his singers including and Raul Beron and Alberto Podesta are magic.  Alberto Podesta performed and recorded more songs with more orchestras than any other tango singer and his recordings with Calo are outstanding. You can  read more about Calo on Keith Elshaw's website   (I think it was Keith who told me Calo's was The Greatest Orchestra) and on t Unfortunately I don't have a recording of the ATFO playing 'Suena' but I did find it on youtube.