There's a big change afoot in Sydney Tango

Many years ago a clever IT person thought up the Sydneytango calendar, a place where people could find classes, milongas, special events and a forum to talk about issues. This was before Facebook and it became the goto for most Sydney tango dancers, and the place where out of towners could find out what was happening on the scene in the Sydney metropolitan area.

This calendar has been kept up to date assiduously until now - almost single-handedly by one dedicated tanguera, Sima Oertli. Sima has dedicated herself to keeping dancers informed about tango in Sydney and to organising and presenting events from Festivals to workshops with some of the world's very best tango dancers.
She has presented milongas on a regular basis featuring live tango music, the only organiser who does so on a regular basis in the Sydney metropolitan area. In so doing she has introduced tango
dancers to world class musicians both locally and internationally and enriched the tango scene.
I would personally like to thank Sima for her dedication to tango in Sydney and Australia and wish her well in her future endeavours.

The milonga is at Club Bexley, 24 Stoney Creek Road, Bexley.

The band will the be amazing Orquesta La Luna, and the night's DJ is Lisa de Lazzari from Club de Tango. 
Entry $30, Bookings/enquiries 0411 822 258


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