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Vale Julio Balmaceda

The tango world is shocked by the recent death on November 16 of popular maestro Julio Balmaceda at the very young age of 54. Many Australian dancers will remember Julio's visits in 2013 for the Sydney Tango Festival with Corina de la Rosa and in 2015 for the Essence and Evolution Festival with Virginia Vasconi. Others will remember him as one of their teachers in Buenos Aires - for many he was a friend as much as an amazing dancer.  Julio was taught to tango by his father, the legendery Miguel Balmaceda, and for many years he accompanied and assisted him in tango practices. After his father’s death in 1991, Julio took over the classes attango schools in Buenos Aires: Canning, Grisel, El Parakultural, Almagro, and La galleria del tango. Julio was known internationally and at home for his naturalness, quality and musicality that made his dance and his walk synonymous with tango.  Some of the highlights of his career are - performing in the 1998 Broadway production of &#