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Who came to Australia in 2019

2019 was a busy tango... here is a list of who came our way... The first visitors, Nick Jones and Diana Cruz , arrived in February and toured the country culminating with a production with Cadencia in Sydney in March. Adrian Romeo Ferreyra  arrived in Sydney in March. Lorena Ermocida and Pablo Martinez  returned to Sydney in May. In the same month Anabella Diaz Hojman returned with Donato Juarez July saw Beto Barsellini and Liz Doran in Sydney. The following month Cecilia Gonzalez began her tour of the country in Sydney Andres Laza Moreno and Eladia Cordoba visited Sydney in July, while  Maximiliano Cristiani and Karina Colmeiro were hosted in Melbourne Janna Lopez and Claudio Peralta spent September and October in Sydney.  Alejandro Larena s and Marison Morales with Rodrigo Palacios  will return with his partner  Agustina Berenstein   and Iris Basak Dogdu spent a weekend in Sydney in October. Dante Sanchez and Indira Hiayes (pictured) visited Sydney, Perth and Byron Bay in O