Coronavirus pandemic and tango

Tango is by nature a couple dance - close embrace, open embrace - the embrace is fundamental. This means touching and being close to another person, something we are being advised against. Hand washing and good personal hygiene have always been essential to healthy tango but never more so than now. Today WHO  declared Coronavirus or Covid 19, a pandemic.

Times will be tough for tango dancers and organisers. Dancers are likely to be in financial strife but milonga organisers and tango teachers are unlikely to be reimbursed by any government financial stimulus packages and will join other industries and services who will have to cope with limited or no income. Should this pandemic continue for months it is likely that some schools will not survive - and some events will not return. The organisers of festivals are likely to suffer the most. There will be no reimbursements from venues for cancellations, air fares for visiting teachers/Djs will not be refunded (airlines don't do refunds), insurance fees will not be refunded either - and other costs such as fees paid to teachers/DJs will not come back.

However the reality is that this is very serious. I will not try to replicate the research and information that others have painstakingly put together. An excellent post on Facebook by Alex Apetrei is worth reading as is this article on The Conversation.

No-one knows when or how this will end. We can only hope that we can look back on this time in 6 or 12 months older, wiser, healthy and still dancing.


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