State of tango

Listening to music on radio lying down

 Rainy October Sunday in Sydney - perfect time to take a trip around the tango blogs and youtube channels and see what others are doing - if anything? Today we might have gone to a late afternoon milonga in before COVID.

Of course I found a few closed down with 404 messages, and many who, like me had not posted for some time. But I also found others who were keeping their blogs up to date and whose calendars were offering tango lessons - and even milongas, as in Auckland Tango in NZ. 

Many teachers have gone online and are offering tango classes on Youtube and by subscription. Some blogs have continued to talk about all things tango such as Bautanz and Tango Salon Adelaide; some have such a long history it is fascinating to go back and read some of their older pasts, such as Irene and Man Yung's tango blog, and others have stayed online without posting but are so packed with information they are still a great read - Tango and Chaos in Buenos Aires or Christine Denniston's History of Tango Music.

Listening to tango music on a wet day when there is nowhere to dance is always great escapism. When I first began collecting tango music one of my goto's was Stephen and Susan Brown's Tango Argentino de Tejas. Though this was last updated in 2014 it is still one of the best introductions to collecting tango music. The other is Michael Lavocah's which was once an online shop as well as a fascinating resource for those who want to learn about tango music - the information on the CDs is still all there - go to Catalogues. 

When the time comes to buy tango music choosing remastered CDs is the best option. Canadian DJ Keith Elshaw has put his considerable technical expertise to work on his love of tango music to product over 4,000 remastered tango hits. Keith visited Australia in 2015 and I had the pleasure of doing his workshops in Sydney, and discovering the subtleties of tango music that pass you by when you listen to the scratchy copies of old recordings. I suggest you visit Keith's website to learn more. 


tangogeoff said…
Hi Angelina, tango in NZ is alive and well in the main centres under Level 1 ie borders closed but pretty much everything else is normal life.
Bill said…
Here in Adelaide we are again dancing tango. :-)
But this post is interesting.
Can I post a link to it on our local Adelaide Argentine Tango Facebook Scene ?
Anonymous said…
Hi Bill,
You are welcome to link to the post. Delighted to hear that you are again dancing tango!

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