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State of tango

 Rainy October Sunday in Sydney - perfect time to take a trip around the tango blogs and youtube channels and see what others are doing - if anything? Today we might have gone to a late afternoon milonga in before COVID. Of course I found a few closed down with 404 messages, and many who, like me had not posted for some time. But I also found others who were keeping their blogs up to date and whose calendars were offering tango lessons - and even milongas, as in Auckland Tango in NZ.   Many teachers have gone online and are offering tango classes on Youtube and by subscription. Some blogs have continued to talk about all things tango such as Bautanz  and Tango Salon Adelaide ; some have such a long history it is fascinating to go back and read some of their older pasts, such as Irene and Man Yung's tango blog , and others have stayed online without posting but are so packed with information they are still a great read - Tango and Chaos in Buenos Aires  or Christine Denniston's