Finding Tango Lessons

You can search tango lessons, tango school, learn tango, dance tango...  and you will find tango classes and tango teachers, but you will no doubt get the same ones on each search given the way searching works... but how do you know which will suit you?

My advice is to try them out. Find a class which suits your schedule and if you don't like it, try another.

Here is a list of websites which will take you to classes and schools.  not complete. If you think I have left out a good teacher, please email me. Also if you would like to ask me any questions about classes I am happy to answer.

Canberra & Wagga
Tango Social Club of Canberra - not-for-profit group of devotees. runs occasional workshops as well as practicas and milongas. Their website has a list of schools in the ACT.

Sydneytango website lists most classes and schools, though there are teachers who are not listed. 
Check Facebook - Sydney Argentine Tango Scene - for other listings.

Port Macquarie
Argentine Tango Port Macquarie 

This website has a list of tango around Queensland.

Tango Adelaide - the tango club lists events in a Google calendar

Tasmanian Club de Tango is a not for profit organisation

Melbourne Tango Group was a Yahoo group shut down in December. 

To find tango in Victoria go to Bailartoday

Perth Tango Club is also a not for profit group. 


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