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Just a bit of ephemera to start this page off.
The more you dance to tango music, the more you learn about the different orchestras - and if you are inquisitive and find out more about the music you are listening to, you soon discover the difference between the orchestras of the period we mostly dance to, known as the  Golden Era (1920 to end of 1940s, roughly).  If you have a smartphone you can use the Shazam app to uncover many of the tango songs played at milongas.
This video has been put together by someone who has gone one step further.

COMING TO SYDNEY IN OCTOBER 2014 - SOLO TANGO QUARTET This group will playing as part of the Sydney Tango Salon Festival...


Anonymous said…
Hello you lovely people
Tango has been in my life since the late nineties. since I am a bit of a music buff, the sound quality of music is always very important to me, especially when I dance Tango. The dance that corresponds with to the soul. The hobby I spent most of my time with, is cleaning Tango records. A small sample of my work I have published on my Blog "Tickled Tango Tunes" for free download.


I would appreciate, if you would visit my blog, and if you would include me in your blogroll.
ciao, Amadeus Wolfgang

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